Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's a boy!

Yesterday was our big exciting sonogram. Both of our moms were able to be in the room with us and everyone cried as the first images of the baby came into view. Within minutes we were able to confirm what my recent dreams had suggested - this baby is a boy! We were blessed enough to have a friend do our ultra sound and she was amazing enough to print off a million pictures! She also printed this sweet picture for both grandmother's:

I simply cannot get over how precious that little face is! I'm so very in love with that sweet face! I told my mom today that I'm shocked at how deeply I love this little guy that I've never even met! Do you see that perfect little nose? And that strong chin? My heart soars all over again just looking at the picture!

Last night we had friends and family come over for a fun-filled gender reveal party! (Extra thanks to my parents and sister for driving so far and staying up so late just because this pregnant hormonal lady wanted you to come!) We had everyone vote and most people thought we were having a boy. They were happy to be right. And the others were pretty happy to be wrong I believe. :) We had a friend take a ton of pictures so as soon as I get them I'll share them with you.

Until then, the Hubsters and I are happy to dream and plan for Caleb Richard! He should arrive the last week of July or the first few days of August. We cannot wait!


Christi said...

Yay! I totally thought boy until I heard their names and I could just picture a little Abigail, lol. But of course I'm happy yall are having a sweet lil Caleb. I can't wait to let you riffle through the bins of Sean's clothes. I had a job when Sean was a baby so we have lots of fun little clothes :)

Brandi said...

So excited for you! I have some clothes for you to look through too! Sweet little Caleb, I love that name. It was one of our finalists for boy names. And you are right, his nose and chin are just perfect. Have fun while he's still compact enough to fit in your belly.