Monday, February 13, 2012

Dr Visit

We went to the doctor today. Here are the vital updates:

Heartbeat: 155 bpm (and absolutely BEAUTIFUL)
Size: a large avocado
Weight gain: 6 pounds, but I lost 5 during the first trimester so I did a little catch up this month!
Anatomy and gender scan: March 12th

When it comes to morning sickness, I'm no longer queasy 24/7 and my sick moments are getting fewer and farther between (I went 2 and a half days without getting sick this weekend!) However, for the most part I'm still throwing up pretty much every day. The dr says it'll probably last a while longer. My mom was sick all 9 months with me so I've got bad luck going into it. We keep praying that the morning sickness will strike at "convenient" times and not when I'm walking out the door for work (like this morning).

I'm wearing maternity shirts pretty much full time now just because they feel better than my regular clothes that are quite snug in the belly area. I have a few shirts that are a size bigger and they fit quite well. Right now my regular pants are far from fitting. I can wear some new elastic waist pants and have one pair of full panel maternity pants I can wear but they're rather large. I spend a lot of time pulling them up but that's fine by me!

I keep feeling pings and pangs that I can't decide if it's the baby moving or just growing pains in pregnancy. I have moments where I'm sure it's the baby and then I doubt myself 30 seconds later. The doctor said it's a little early, but it might be the baby moving. When she looked for the heartbeat the baby was exactly where I'd last felt "movement" so I was excited that I knew where the baby was hiding.

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