Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I need gift ideas!!!!

I know... It's not even Halloween yet... It's too early to think about Christmas... Normally I'd agree with you... I'm a huge fan of Thanksgiving and usually want to fully celebrate that holiday before Christmas sneaks around... HOWEVER...

We fly out for my brother's wedding a week before Christmas, thus cutting my shopping time by a week.
We have a thousand things to do for the wedding and we really want to get Christmas shopping out of the way.
We have no money because we're spending it all on travel for the wedding.

So... I need help! What should I get for the following people? Please feel free to offer any and all suggestions! (Especially if you ARE one of the following people.)

Mother and Father-in-law
16 year old nephew (I also need a birthday present for him.)
13 year old niece
11 year old niece (I also need a birthday present for her.)
10 year old nephew
7 year old niece
7 year old nephew
5 year old nephew (I also need a birthday present for him.)
My grandmother (Who loves the hubsters way more than she loves me.)

I also need a whole host of stocking stuffer ideas! Please throw any and all ideas out there - even the ridiculous!


Angela Pea said...

WHOOT!! I love gift lists!

Teens - iTunes gift cards. Seriously. They are always a hit, kids want music or video or movies for the iPods, and they can pick what they want. This may even work for the 11 and 10 year olds if they have iPods. Another favorite go-to gift for older teens is a Starbucks gift card, or other gift card to their favorite eating and hanging out place. Movie Tickets, with theater sized boxes of candy (99 cents at Walmart!) Is the 16 yr old driving? Have his own car? Then something for the car - docking cable and converter for the iPod if the car isn't equipped, seat covers if they're needed, passes to the local carwash.

ipodless 11 year old niece - vera bradley lunch bag, or whatever her friends are carrying. Makeup (check with mom first!) nail polish, lip gloss, curling iron

ipodless 10 year old nephew - if he's playing sports, new soccer or foot ball. Esepcially soccer, because those darned balls wear out fast. New sports gear - pads, brace guards, etc. skateboard. cool bike helmet that looks like an old Harley helmet. New shoes, especially sneakers that are a "splurge" brand that mom and dad won't usually pay for, like Nike, the ones with the spring thingies under the heels. drum set. dart board with darts. Nerf! (see comments below)

7 yr old niece - IF she has an AG doll, a new outfit for the doll. Books, especially Klutz books for crafts (string bracelets, beading, flower fairies, etc.) are terribly fun!

7 yr old nephew - anything nerf. Especially the set that comes with two blasters, velcro tipped gizmos and the vests with targets on them. (And Safety goggles!) Hours of fun for the nephew and for any random adult sized dad or uncle or cousin.

5 yr old nephew - Oooh...this is a hard age group, just because kids are so random in maturity. If he's exceptionally mature (physically and mentally) see the nerf comments above. If he's not, then legos or bionicles. If he has good motor skills, then models - cars or airplanes are easy beginner ones. Don't forget to provide paint and brushes, too!

Mother and Father in Law...okay. Most parents have enough "stuff". Unless there is something specific that has been hinted at, or if you KNOW something in the home needs to be replaced, then consumable gifts are most appreciated. Splurge on a couple bottles of really good wine and a Houdini bottle opener, gift certificates to a very nice local restaurant, movie tickets, season tickets to a local playhouse or symphony.

Grandma? Same thing. She probably has enough stuff, so think small luxuries. Butter soft leather gloves, cashmere anything, gift certificates for manicure, pedicure, massage. Food!! Chocolate!! Is she hip? How about an iPod?

Sister in Law - this one is easy. What would YOU appreciate receiving? She probably thinks the same way. A new cookbook, tech gadget, gift certificate for a massage, jewelry (always nice), a new handbag, computer sleeve, Starbucks!

Stocking Stuffers? Here are things that have been hits with my kids over the years:

Mini staplers
colored pencils
stacks of post-it notes
set of colored sharpie pens
tiny notebooks
okay...any kind of office supply
bouncy balls, the ones filled with water and glitter
super fuzzy lounge socks
chocolate coins
mini flashlights, the teeny ones for keyrings
Bucky Balls (thinkgeek.com)
Howling Monkeys (also thinkgeek.com)
fountain pens (yes, my youngest teen loves them)
water color paints
supersize hershey kiss
watches, those rubber kind from Sam Moon
nail polish
thinking putty (crazyaaron.com)
matchbox cars
transformers, the little ones
puzzles, the ones that are loops of metal that you have to take apart and put together
mini jig saw puzzles
Fancy decorated cookies, those huge ones
Giant Candy Canes
mini lego or bionicle sets
mechanical pencils

Angela Pea said...
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Him and Her said...

oh my goodness, I think you're set Allison! Those are all great ideas from Angela!

I'm not such a good gift giver, meaning I fret probably too much over if the gift is right or not!
I like to look at gift giving as a way to get someone something they may not normally buy for themselves. Like, I feel guilty buying the soaps from B&BW for myself, or some other "unnecessary" items that I want. Also, I don’t want give someone junk! I want it to be useful! Buying for adults seems to be harder because we already have most stuff we need.
Old Navy has tons of fun scarves in all kinds of colors, Target does too. A nice sheet set. Fun gel pens for young girls (you know we loved doodling, still do!). Academy gift card for teen nephew. Potpourri (really computer?, is that really how you spell it?) for MIL or SIL or G-MA. Razor scooter for a boy.
Good luck with shopping! I suppose I should work on my list now =)