Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laundry Delima

So right now, our schedule looks something like this:

5:00am - Roll out of bed, scrape crusties out of our eyes
5:30am - Hubsy leaves for work and has morning practice with the JV team
8:00am - Hubsy showers at the school and puts on khakis, dress shirt, and a tie
3:30pm - Hubsy changes out of dress clothes and puts on a second set of tennis clothes for afternoon practice with the Varsity team
5:30pm - Hubsy drives home in a car with no A/C
5:50pm - Hubsy arrives home to a wife who kisses him with a clothes pin on her nose and shoos him off to the shower

So this is the delima I have here... On average, Hubsy goes through four sets of clothes a day. Two of those sets are soaked with sweat. Within 24 hours, our laundry room begins to have an odor which words can't quite describe. By days two, three, and four I can hardly stand to walk in the room without my stomach churning.

So what do I do? How do I clear the stench in the laundry room without doing a load of laundry every day? Well, it would actually require two or three loads of laundry because of the colors he has to wear. Any suggestions on making our laundry room a little less smelly and a lot more pleasant to walk by?

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Anonymous said...

I make teen sons leave their football gear in the garage or outside on the clothesline until they get laundered so that the funky odor doesn't invade the house.

I'm sorry to tell you that other than doing a small load of laundry every day, there isn't an easy solution to this problem. Just resign yourself to the inevitable, and use the lowest setting possible on the washing machine to conserve water and detergent!

If the workout clothes continue to be odiferous even after laundering - say, they really stink once they get the least bit sweated in - here's what works for me. I soak our workout/football/yard work clothes in oxyclean before laundering. Just follow the directions on the label. It really does help get rid of the smellies.